Reactive Attachment Disorder Treatment

Many treatment centers list Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) among the diagnoses that they treat, however, their approach to working with these families is no different from how they treat other patients. With over 20 years of experience working with children and families struggling with a RAD diagnosis, Youth Home, has developed and implemented a specific program to help your family.

We offer a continuum of care to address problems moving from less restrictive to more restrictive depending on the client’s need. Treatment goals and objectives are individualized based on diagnosis. We require that parents participate in monthly Multi-Family Groups to gain support from other families going through many of the same experiences and gain an understanding on how to parent their child more effectively specific to their attachment needs. Our program is grounded in Trauma Informed Care and all employees receive a minimum of 21 hours of training in the Risking Connections model.

RAD Symptoms

Your child may benefit from Youth Home's RAD program if they are an adolescent who:

  • Has difficulty developing trusting relationships
  • Has difficulty regulating their mood
  • Recent attempts at treatment in outpatient therapy and/or inpatient hospitalization
  • Has difficulty with cause and effect thinking
  • Is demanding or clingy
  • Turns everything into a battle
  • Has difficulty showing empathy or remorse
  • Resists gentle loving interactions
  • Has difficulty with adequate behavioral controls
  • Is destructive to self, others, or material things
  • Is aggressive
  • Has a deep sense of feeling worthless or unlovable

Admission Criteria | Apply Online Here

  • 12 to 17 years of age
  • RAD behavioral criteria and emotional difficulties requiring an intensive psychiatric facility
  • Recent attempts at treatment in outpatient therapy and/or inpatient hospitalization
  • Intellectually capable of benefiting from the program (Full-scale IQ = 70 or above)
  • Regular and committed family/caregiver involvement is mandatory, including family therapy, visitations, therapuetic assignments, and regular communication with child and treatment team

Note for Military Families: We are a Tricare-Certified Treatment Facility.

To discuss our RAD program in more detail, please call our Admissions Department at (501) 821-5500 ext. 203.

Our Philosophy

Youth Home, Inc. recognizes the importance of attachment and bonding in relationships, and the profound negative impacts that can occur when early secure attachments are not developed. Children with characteristics of Reactive Attachment Disorder have difficulty regulating their moods, developing cause and effect thinking, developing trusting relationships, having empathy or remorse, and demonstrating adequate behavioral controls.

Reactive Attachment Disorder children/adolescents resist loving interactions and instead, focus on creating conflict. This is a way of controlling their environment. Traditional interventions do not work with poorly attached youth. Due to developmental problems and neglect in early childhood, these children are often missing some key experiences needed for bonding.

Lead Therapist

Brenda Scheffler, LCSW

  • Graduated in 1987 from the University of Missouri with a MSW
  • Has worked for over 25 years with children, youth (many whom had RAD), and families
  • Adopted two youth, one who was diagnosed with RAD
  • Was a therapeutic foster parent for seven years
  • Attended eight years of therapy with her son who was diagnosed with RAD
  • Has attended numerous trainings on RAD
  • Has presented trainings on RAD to therapists, direct care staff, and foster parents

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