Anxiety & Trauma Yoga Program

Our Lead Residential Clinical Therapist, Peyton Woodruff, LAC, is a Yoga Certified Therapist. She is currently a RYT-500.

Since beginning her yoga training that was structured around mental health, Peyton created ATYP, the Anxiety and Trauma Yoga Program. This is a 6 week group, focusing on self-awareness, mindfulness, meditation, emotion regulation, and strengthening the mind-body connection. The goal is to empower our clients to feel in control of their bodies and they are in charge of the choices they make “on the mat”.

The criteria for admission into the group is an anxiety and/or trauma diagnosis and approval from the treatment team. Throughout the group, clients are invited to participate in a mindful and breath-focused physical yoga practice, as well as discussing the following topics:

  • Definition of stress and self-awareness of personal stress levels
  • Trauma and the Nervous System
  • Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Body Scans
  • Yamas and Niyamas (how we treat ourselves and how we treat others)

Youth Home has two other yoga certified therapists, Kacy Long, LAC, RYT 200 and Madison Nolley, LMSW, RYT 200, who work alongside the yoga program. Yoga is also used in individual sessions when appropriate. We have one other therapist working on yoga certification.

To learn more about Yoga as treatment for PTSD at the VA, click here.

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