Military Family Testimonial: "Keep Up the Great Work"

I would like to take a moment to express to you the sincere appreciation that my wife Barbara and I have had in working with your staff and facility. Our granddaughter has been a resident at Youth Home for the past eight months and sadly this was not her first stay in a residential treatment facility. Between her and her sister, we have interacted with six different facilities in three different states over the past few years. Youth Home by far has been the most professionally run and dedicated facility we have worked with.

As a health care provider myself, I have high expectations of what professional medical care standards look like and your facility and staff have not only met but easily surpassed those standards. The organization and structure that Youth Home provides the residents is phenomenal. The children are given expectations and the proper encouragement to meet those expectations. They are set up for success at every turn and focusing on their successes instead of their failures alone has resulted in a very positive attitude and atmosphere upon every visit.

We enjoy seeing the children interacting with each other especially outdoors when the weather permits. They seem to work together as a team and draw on each other's strengths showing mutual respect for not only the staff but their peers as well. Another thing that we noticed and were very impressed with is the cleanliness and order of the facility. After turning off the main road and into the parking lot, one quickly notices the grounds are neatly kept and the exterior of the buildings are fresh and clean. When walking into the main waiting area we have always been greeted warmly and professionally while maintaining the privacy for ourselves and others.

It is impressive to us that what Youth Home advertises is what they deliver. Our granddaughter's diagnosis requires specific treatment modalities and Youth Home has been up front from day one about what they can and cannot do. Not only do they treat the patient, but Youth Home realizes that the child is one member of a family that needs healing and they focus their care on healing the family unit as well. We have been given very valuable resources and referrals to ensure long lasting success well after discharge.

As much as the facility and management have earned high marks from us, I would like to point out just a few members of this valuable team that I just can't thank enough. First is our granddaughter's therapist, Mrs. Allyson Shoptaw. It is very clear that Allyson takes her profession seriously and cares for her resident children as if they were her own. She is always well aware of the ups and downs that our granddaughter is having and makes time to help guide her on a path of success. Allyson maintains great communication with the family and the treatment team so that there are no surprises on the road to recovery. Allyson has by far been the most proactive therapist our granddaughter has ever had and is most likely the most responsible for her success.

In addition to Allyson and the many staff that work with our granddaughter and her peers at Youth Home, the nursing staff has been remarkable. One in particular, Nurse Erin, has really gained our respect for the above and beyond care she gives residents like our granddaughter. Nurse Erin takes the time to help and show the girls what self-respect and personal care and hygiene is all about. She helps with hair styles, combing and brushing, and what clothes work best for showing pride when seen in public. We have heard so many "Nurse Erin" stories from our granddaughter not just in helping her but many of the other children. This lady has her heart totally invested in what she does.

Brenda Scheffler has first-hand experience in dealing with Reactive Attachment Disorder. Having someone who has lived what the families are going through is knowledge that you just can't put a price on. In addition to the daily staff that treat residents at Youth Home such as our granddaughter, there are many administrative staff that work behind the scenes that have made our experience so much easier. Tracy Caldwell and Charraun Sharlow have guided us through all the paperwork and documentation that otherwise, could have been very overwhelming. We would like to thank these ladies for their time, patience and professionalism. They are dedicated and knowledgeable making our experience much less troublesome than we had anticipated.

Thank you, Youth Home. Keep up the great work you do behind the scenes to ensure the youth of our country remain on a positive track and help to ensure their continued future success.

Martin A., DDS
Capt, U.S. Navy, Ret.

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