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Youth Home is a TRICARE®-networked behavioral health service and residential treatment program, serving military families across the country.

TRICARE In-Network Residential Treatment Program

We are incredibly honored to have the opportunity to serve those who serve us. We accept patients nationwide from military families using both Tricare East and West coverage. Below are the states and locations with Tricare insurance who are eligible to submit a Residential Program application.

Who Needs Residential Treatment?

  • A teenager is generally admitted into a residential treatment program when their needs are too intense to be managed with outpatient treatment but aren’t so severe that they require acute inpatient treatment.
  • Patients who are no longer a danger to themselves or others, but lack the impulse control or self awareness necessary to live independently, could benefit from spending a longer period of time in a safe and therapeutic environment.
  • When outpatient treatment has failed to contain the symptoms that come with a patient’s mental health condition, a family or professional may consider a more structured option, especially when increases in the intensity and/or the frequency of outpatient visits haven’t improved the patient’s symptomatology.
  • Sometimes, the available resources and support from psychiatrists, friends, and family become limited—which can be for reasons entirely unrelated to the patient’s mental health—leaving the patient in need of a more consistent and secure network of support.
  • Residential treatment is different from Acute treatment in that a patient admitted to a Residential Program is not an immediate threat to themselves or those around them. Residential treatment tends to last much longer than Acute care. Our patients tend to benefit from our treatment program for an average of 3-7 months, whereas an Acute patient may only be admitted for a few days while medically necessary.

Additional reasons to admit a patient into our program include the following:

  • There may be confusion around the patient’s diagnosis that could be clarified or eliminated by round-the-clock behavioral observations in a controlled environment.
  • There are safety issues present for the patient that aren’t an immediate threat to their life, but still require careful attention: such as escalating levels of disordered eating or purging behaviors, or self-injurious behaviors, that may be reduced in a controlled (but not necessarily locked) treatment milieu that features round-the-clock behavioral observations.

Primary Diagnoses We Treat at Youth Home | Mental & Behavioral Health

We are known as leaders in treating Reactive Attachment Disorder. Our Child and Adolescent psychiatric programs are designed to treat the needs of each individual child. We primarily treat

  • Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD)
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD)
  • Trauma
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • OCD

We also have a specialty track for Sexual Reactivity, developed for sexually reactive patients to help them relearn healthy and age appropriate behaviors.


Why Youth Home

We asked parents what they liked most about our program and they said:
"the structure and consistency"
"my child being taught how to interact with peers appropriately"
"the unique ways of healing - like gardening"

"My child's response to the program has been extraordinary.” Our team collaborates with each individual patient and their families using the Trauma Informed Care approach to help them develop the:
• self-awareness,
• empathy,
• impulse control,
• and self-motivation needed to enjoy a quality life.

If you’ve tried therapy with your child and still feel overwhelmed, Youth Home may be a good fit for your family.

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