Youth Home is changing lives and saving families in Arkansas and across the country. The success of our programs is best described by those who have been touched by Youth Home's services firsthand.


"Your staff helped me realize the problems that I have and that you will do almost anything to try and help me get better."

- Youth Home patient

"Youth Home was our last hope…We want to express our sincere appreciation for the outstanding service you are providing for the community and especially for the marvelous service Youth Home provided for our family."

- Youth Home parent

"Very few organizations can truly say that they are helping build lives...because it is hard work! Sometimes it's not pretty. At the end of the day, Youth Home and those involved with Youth Home can say, 'We made a difference in those we served."

- Eric Britt, former Youth Home board member

"My daughter is now on track. She is making A's, B's, and C's in public school. She has a goal to become a nurse and plans on attending college. She even looks different; the hardness has softened into happiness. We attend Youth Home's outpatient therapy on a weekly basis, another plus. Youth Home doesn't just turn you out into the real world without support and guidance. You are always checking on us and caring."

- Youth Home parent

"The greatest gift we as staff receive is getting to be a part of many 'firsts' in the lives of the kids we treat. The first game of Monopoly...the first time reading the Sunday comics...the first compliment...the first water balloon fight...the first birthday party...the first game of catch...the first Christmas present...the first bedtime story...the first Super Bowl party...the first snow angel...the first time jumping into a pile of leaves...the first touchdown...the first time eating at a restaurant...the first time going to a movie. This is just a short list of our kids' 'firsts' that grows daily."

- Kraig Butler, Chestnut House Unit Manager

"Thank you seems like such an insignificant thing to say for all that Youth Home has done for us. Thank you from the depths of my heart from a very grateful mother who does not have to visit her daughter in jail who does not have to worry where she is at night a mother who does not have to stand amongst acres of flowers, a well manicured lawn and granite tombstones to visit her daughter. I thank God and Youth Home – in that order."

- Youth Home parent

"My daughter is doing very well in school and seems to have a much better outlook on life. She still gets depressed…and is oppositional at times, but she recognizes the signs and uses her coping skills learned at Youth Home to get through. We are spending a lot more quality time together and communicating much better. None of this seemed possible five months ago, before Youth Home. I thought I had lost my daughter, and now I feel like I have her back."

- Youth Home parent

As a health care provider myself, I have high expectations of what professional medical care standards look like and your facility and staff have not only met but easily surpassed those standards. The organization and structure that Youth Home provides the residents is phenomenal. The children are given expectations and the proper encouragement to meet those expectations. They are set up for success at every turn and focusing on their successes instead of their failures alone has resulted in a very positive attitude and atmosphere upon every visit.

- Martin A., DDS
Capt, U.S. Navy, Ret.

Read the full testimonial here.

As time passed, we could gradually see a change in our son’s demeanor and attitude. He began to see past the anger and toward a future full of promise, one which his mother and I are very grateful for, and one which was facilitated by the Youth Home experience.

- Youth Home parent

Read the full testimonial here.

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