About Youth Home


Facts about Youth Home:

80% of young adults who have been abused meet the criteria for at least one psychiatric distorder by age 21Child Abuse Statistics


Number of counties referring for services: 55

Specialty tracks

    • • RAD
      • Senior issues
      • Sexually Reactive – (COMING SOON)

Average length of treatment in 2013

• Residential: 7 months

• Community Residential: 7 months

• Day Treatment: 13 months

Full-time Psychiatrists work only for Youth Home
Residential patients are seen weekly by Psychiatrist

Average patient satisfaction at discharge:

• Residential: 4.2 (On a 5 point scale)

• Outpatient: 3.8 (On a 4 point scale)


Average parent satisfaction at discharge

• Residential: 4.55 (On a 5 point scale)

Number of meals provided annually: Over 114,000
Number of snacks provided annually: Over 49,000
Number of patient outings annually: 750
All direct care staff are certified as mental health paraprofessionals with a minimum of 60 hours of college education
Total staff training hours in 2013: 3892.5
Total number of licensed therapists providing services: 21
Average patient GPA in 2013: 3.05
2014 Arkansas Business Nonprofit Executive Director of the Year Finalist
2011 Therapeutic Recreation Society Facility of the Year
2011 Therapeutic Recreation Symposium Outstanding Service Award
2003 Arkansas Business Nonprofit of the Year
2002 Arkansas Business Nonprofit Executive Director of the Year
1999, 2005, 2010, and 2011 Arkansas Business Nonprofit of the Year Finalist
1985 First Residential Psychiatric Facility in Arkansas to receive Joint Commission Accreditation