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Youth Home's intensive psychiatric residential treatment facility specializes in the treatment of emotionally or behaviorally troubled adolescents who require inpatient therapy. Medical necessity determines the length of stay. This program is staffed 24/7 by a comprehensive treatment team and is located on Youth Home's 52 acre Colonel Glenn campus.


Patients are provided:

Medication management and assessment by our Psychiatrists Make A Gift
Individual, group, and family therapy by our Licensed Clinical Therapists
Recreational therapy
Speech, occupational and physical therapy, as needed
Nursing and paraprofessional services 24 hours a day
Adolescents attend Siebert Educational Center, which is approved by the State Department of Education.  
Psychological testing by our staff Psychologist  
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Patient Discharge - What to Expect

Planning for a patient’s discharge is an important step in the overall treatment at Youth Home. Discharge planning begins on day one of treatment. Our goal is to provide patients with the therapeutic and life skills necessary to function in a home setting.


While in treatment, each patient may have different discharge goals and placement options. Some will return home to their parents/relatives while others will return to foster care or a group home setting. It is the treatment team’s primary goal to make sure patients are placed where their needs will be met medically, educationally, and therapeutically.